Alaska A-FRAME
29 days
58,5 m²
koko tuotelinjan tilavin ja mukavin talo
Katso videomme Alaska A-FRAME
Nykyaikainen. Siisti. Tyylikäs.
Talon seinät on koottu korkealaatuisista mäntylaudoista. Moderni, tyylikäs sisustus.
Sisustus ja tekniset tiedot
Mukava. Hieno. Kodikas.
Sisustus käyttäen moderneja ratkaisuja. Ulkovuoraus voidaan käsitellä öljyllä, lakata tai maalata erikoismaalilla luomaan kodikkaan ja yksilöllisen tunnelman kotiisi.
• Living room / kitchen – 23,18 m²
• Terrace – 12 m²
• Bedroom – 9,9 m²
• Loft – 6,9 m²
• WC / shower – 6,6 m²
Pitched roof made of C20R profiled steel sheet in RAL 7024 color. Roof frame made of dry board 200x50 insulated with Rockwool basalt wool.
Frame + roof
Internal doors made of solid wood are made according to Finnish technology, have a stylish paneled pattern and a porch for additional sound insulation.
Internal doors
The windows are made according to German technology using PVC profile Schuco Corona CT 70 Classic and a single-chamber glass unit with an invisible energy-saving spraying of silver ions and argon filling. Windows provide the required heat and sound insulation, protect from intense solar radiation in summer by reflecting infrared waves, and from intense heat loss in winter.

The entrance door is also made of PVC profile and equipped with a reliable locking system.
Windows + front door
Interior decoration using dry wooden lining Calm with hidden fastening, impregnated with antiseptic solutions. The lining can be oiled, varnished or painted with a special paint to create a cozy and individual atmosphere in your home.

Living room, bedroom and loft flooring in sheet pile. The bathroom floors are finished with ceramic floor tiles.
Interior decoration
The facade is covered with a special facade board impregnated with antiseptic solutions and painted in the desired color, impregnated with oil or varnished. This allows you to add architectural expressiveness to the house and combine it with the countryside.
Facade finishing
The power supply project includes all the necessary sockets, connection points for heating equipment, lighting, kitchen appliances, switches and ventilation systems.
The project provides for connection points for the necessary plumbing equipment: a toilet bowl, a sink, a washing and shower cabins, as well as a boiler for heating water. The piping is hidden, an emergency ladder is provided in the bathroom floor to remove water from the floor surface.
Water supply
Ventilation of the house is carried out by placing ventilation valves on the windows, which make it possible to create a constant air exchange inside the premises of the house. To ensure the correct temperature and humidity conditions in the bathroom, a Vilpe P-type exhaust fan installed on the roof is used.
The cost of the Alaska A-frame starts from 38,000 €. To find out the details and the full cost, you can contact us at the contacts below.
Sales Manager
tel.: +972 557 704 031
Alaska Sunas buildings are available as 100% ready for use, delivered to your home. You can also come pick up the trailer, dome, house, banya from Alaska Sauna's factory or a retail location. Ask the sales persons for more details!
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